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Day Care & Boarding



        Day Care

Small Dogs under 15lbs*


Small Dogs under 15lbs*

$10 Half of a business day (9am to 1pm or 1pm to 4pm)

$20 Full work day (9am to 4pm)

$30 Full day (9am to 10pm)

Small and Medium dogs only.

Includes, social play, eating, and taking naps.



  • If you need daycare after your grooming, $10 extra if pick up is after 4:00 p.m. 

Holiday Hours

$20 extra per dog per day during these holidays



Memorial Day

Independence Day

Labor Day




New years eve/day

January 13-16

March 28-April 3

May 24-28

July 1-8

August 31- September 4

October 28- November 4

November 25- December 1

December 22-28

December 28 - January 3










$50 a night, single dog.

Includes walks, going to the park, treats, and taking naps, social playing and individual play.

  • Three or more nights, they receive a complimentary bath before leaving.

  • Five nights or more a complimentary hair cut.

The dogs travel from my salon during the day, to my house at night where they can enjoy their stay in a comfortable home environment and even get to sleep in my bed if they want! 

There are always other dogs around to help make them feel even more comfortable.

You can also sleep soundly knowing your dog is wearing an air-tag so their location is always know, and you are always welcome to text me whenever for updates and pictures :]

$35 second or 3rd dog, in the same family, each night. Max 4 dogs.


Example-1 dog $50 a night, 2 dogs $85 a night, 3 dogs $120 a night



  • Dog must be on a flea preventative

  • Current rabies shots

  • Spayed/ Neutered
  • No sick or injured dogs

Items to bring

  • Small dog bed/ blanket

  • Food in a zip lock bag with name on it

  • Special instructions

  • $5 extra per day if food is not provided


During your doggie's stay, they will be in the shop socializing with all the other dogs, then in the evenings after 4pm they come home with me where they will have a comfortable night in a house and large yard to play in.

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