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Appointments ONLY
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Packages & Pricing

How to make an appt

Text 562.879.1112

New clients will need to text

  • Owners first and last name

  • Dogs name and breed

  • Photo is helpful

  • Send a non refundable $40 Venmo deposit that goes toward the final payment

  • Photo proof of current rabies vaccine before the appointment will be confirmed.

If you don't show up or cancel/reschedule with 24 hours notice you loose your deposit and will have to send a new one to re-book.

There is a $50 cancellation fee per dog, if not canceled by 4pm the day before.

Prices can increase during grooming based on hair condition, fleas, behavior, age and difficulty.

$60an hour

Package #1 Bath includes:



Ears cleaned

Nails clipped/ Dremel

Anal glands by requested

Package #2 hair cuts includes:

Everything in package 3


Hair cut/ Styled



Anal glands by requested

breed examples: pug, chihuahua, frenchie

breed examples: Maltese, shihtzu, Yorkie

Package #3 clean ups includes:



Ears cleaned/ Hair plucked

Nails clipped/ Dremel

Sanitary trim

Trim around eyes and feet

Anal glands by requested

Package #4 blow outs includes:


Blow dry


Ears cleaned

Nails clipped/ Dremel

Anal glands by requested

breed examples: Maltese, poodle, yorkie

breed examples: huskies, pomeranians, corgie

$30 +

$45 an hour

$50 an hour

  • Most hair cuts take about 1.5 hours

  • Cleanups about an hour

  • Blowouts 1.5-2 hours

Though your dog will be here longer than the actual time it takes to do them your only charged for time of service.


All grooming services come with a complimentary bow or scarf and cologne

  • Free day care with purchase of grooming till 4pm, $20 extra after 4pm (12pm Thursdays)

  • Small breeds only


  • Have ALL current vaccinations and rabies shots.

                 DO NOT COME BACK EARLY

Please, wait to be notified that your dog is ready. If your dog see you or hears your voice, he could become so excited that it may be hard to finish his groom and be a safety issue.

Appointments can take between 2-4 hours

Thank you for your patience

Rush Fee

$50 extra to have your dog done in 3 hours or less

After Hours/ Cut the line fee

$50 extra to have your dog done after 4pm or booked before my next opening




  • NO females in heat, pregnant or might be pregnant

  • NO sick, or contagious dogs with illness allowed

  • NO dogs with cast, bandages, cones of any kind

  • NO aggressive dogs

  • No dogs with flea/tick infestation

Specialty Shampoos









  • Flea dip---------------------------

  • Oatmeal--------------------------

  • Hypoallergenic-----------------

  • Medicated-----------------------

  • Herb bath------------------------

  • Milk bath-------------------------

  • Furminating shampoo--------

  • Furminating conditioner------

Extra services

  • Nail clipped/ dremel------

  • Anal gland expression---

  • Fizzy paw soak------------

  • Paw Scrub -----------------

  • Paw Balm-------------------

  • Paw oil ----------------------







Creative Services

  • Hair Dye-------------

  • Toes Painted-------

  • Tattoo----------------

  • Hair streaks---------

Starts at $20




Results may vary

Both for $15


Herb Bath $20


K-9 Dental Cleaner

Next visit: Friday June 7, 2024

Anesthesia free dental cleaning for only $160

k-9 Cleaners

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